Our Story

Foundered in 1990 in Candé, Northwestern France, the Chocolaterie Guisabel stands amongst the highest quality premium chocolate companies. From its inception, the brand has been known for its creativity in chocolate design, becoming the exclusive choice of its selective customer base.

Recipes such as the Tas de Sel (Dark ganache with sea salt caramel) or the Bloc d’ardoise (chocolate-coated hazelnut puff pastry) remain the flagship chocolate varieties and are representative of our brands dedication to chocolate design.

Following rapid growth and market development in Western France, our know-how and dedication to our craft drew to attention of gourmet professionals, including: bakers, pastry chefs and premium delicatessens, seeing our factory becoming one of the best in the country

Seeking to ever expand on our already established product line, in 2010 we created a new range of chocolates known as ‘Les Domes d’ Excellence’. Combining the subtlety of ganache combined with a spectrum of fruit purees and liqueurs, the range of flavours covers every pallate, with such standout flavours as Japanese ‘yuzu’ and the exquisite ‘Mara des Bois’ or ‘Cointreau’.

Develop new delicacies every year

Even closer to you

As Guisabel brand and products range continued developing exponentially, we opened a new factory 2014 to meet the growing demand for our chocolates. Adhering to only the most stringent quality standards, our new location hosts the ‘Showcolat’, a guided tour of our premises, providing enthusiasts and industry professionals alike the ability to discover a world of chocolate with unparalleled freshness and quality.

Having established such a productive brand of chocolate, building our own ‘brick-and-mortar’ shopfronts was the obvious direction of our future development. The first ‘Chez Mon Chocolatier’ was built in Angers in 2011, the second in Vaires sur Marne (near Paris) in 2014 with both locations proving very successful.

Since 2016, Chocolaterie Guisabel has begun exporting its creations and know-how outside of France. The first customers come from Finland, Sweden or the eastern countries.

The result of close collaboration within our teams

Our Know-how

We follow three golden rules:
Strictly select the raw materials : to create good chocolates, we must select quality raw materials, pure cocoa butter and all our products are GMO-free.
Respect our craft’s tradition : Our Master chocolatiers handcraft fine and authentic chocolates without adulterants, additives or preservatives
Constantly developing our product line : each year we produce chocolates with new flavours.

The manifestation of timeless hours of research and development using only the highest quality organic ingredients has ensured our chocolates have reached the apex of premium quality. The close collaboration between our research and development teams coupled with cooperation with a range of academic institutes is a testament to our dedication in producing simply and only, the best.

Through years of dedication to our craft, we have refined our approach in producing only the best recipes for our rapidly expanding clientele, advancing our product line with the motto “A true chocolate of character never arrives to your table by chance”. In essence, we strive for only one thing in our chocolates – perfection!

Associated with partners
qualities to radiate
beyond Anjou

Our Partners

Since the 2000s, Guisabel is associated with quality partners to radiate beyond its territory :

Culinary partners such as www.desepicesamaguise.com , www.ackerman.fr, www.treillesgourmandes.com or prestigious local brands such as www.giffard.com and www.cointreau.com.

Partners for the training of our apprentices with www.maineetloire.cci.fr and www.artisanatpaysdelaloire.fr.

Touristic partners such as www.visiteznosentreprises.com, www.anjou-tourisme.com, www.anjoubleu.com, www.domaine-moulin.fr, www.lepigeonblanc.com, or www.terrabotanica.fr.

Institutional partners such as www.produitenanjou.fr and www.destination-anjou.com to make the territory of Anjou shine.